Japan-Taiwan Exchange Fellowship (2)

更新日 2018.1.5

Linkou Chang Gung Memorial hospital
高 福成(Kao Fu-Cheng)

As a second-year attending, whose clinical experience and technical skill has been accumulating and boosting in the year, I have always been keen on learning new things in orthopaedic field. What has really been a thrill, also one of the best news to me in 2017, was getting the opportunity to become a part of exchange program between Chiba university hospital and Linkou Chang Gung Memorial hospital/National Taiwan University Hospital. Appreciation to Ohtori and Dr. Yoh for making this valuable exchange a reality! It has been both an enriched exchanging course and a delightful stay during this time in Japan.


There were three hospitals arranged as hosting department for me in this exchanging course, Chiba university hospital, Seirei Sakura hospital and Numazu city hospital respectively. And they would be further introduced in following paragraph.



1. Chiba university hospital


As a leading university hospital of Chiba pref., almost all cases of orthopaedic department of Chiba university hospital are very difficult and complicated. During the time in Chiba university hospital, I saw three ORIF cases in lumbar team, one complex cervical myelopathy case and one intradural spinal tumor case in cervical team. Chiba university hospital is the only hospital which could perform OLIF L5-S1. Spine surgeons in lumbar team are very skillful in oblique approach of anterior spine surgeries, even in very complex revision cases.

In cervical spine team, they performed one severe cervical spinal stenosis decompression and one intradural spinal tumor resection for me. The spinal canal of the patient was so narrow that even well experienced spine surgeons could hardly perform the decompression. Dr. Furuya is very smart using ultrasound to check if the decompression was adequate. About the intradural spinal tumor, Dr. Furuya has gently resected the tumor with severe adhesion to right S2 root.



2. Seirei Sakura hospital


Seirei Sakura hospital is a private hospital famous for its scoliosis surgeries. There are numerous high-tech modern instrument and spine surgeons in this hospital treating difficult AIS cases. Doctors there are very kind and friendly to me, and I even had the chance to present a little speech about Taiwan to them!



3. Numazu city hospital


The distance between Numazu city hospital and Yoh memorial hospital in which I stayed was truly a long journey, but definitely worths every step of it! Dr. Aiba is very skillful in cervical spine surgeries and minimal invasive surgeries. I have learned a lot of surgical technique from him. Professor Mochizuki is very professional and rigorous, but kind and gentle to me. I have to visit Numazu city hospital again to learn surgical treatment about OPLL cases from him!




Apart from professional knowledge and innovative surgical skills that has kept amazing me during this period of exchange, the hospitality and kindness from all Japanese doctors just took it to another level of awesomeness. We were welcomed with home party and so many afterwork dinner that just made this exchanging course much warm and feel like home. Truly hope that all these good talks and laughters shared with our friends here during these fabulous time beside dining table would be continued soon in the upcoming future!